Can the South Naperville area handle a development (People, Cars, Schooling, Polics, Fire, EMS) with nearly 11 Households per acre? 

The proposed Polo Club's density was originally set to 723 units on 110 acres, then was lowered slightly to 702 units on 110 acres.

That's 6.3 Households per acre -- or a whopping 10.8 Houesholds per acre if you simply remove the retention pond from the equation since that is dead space.

The average subdividision in South Naperville has a density of 2-3 households per acre.

The chart below shows the disparity in just a small sampling, but the list could go on.



  • The Proposed Polo Club Density is triple (or quadruple if you remove the pond) the density of the developments and subdivisions it directly would connect to.
  • It's an extreme outlier when compared to other South Naperville subdivisions.
  • Other brand new developments at 103rd & Rt. 59 (Pulte's Wagner Farms) and 103rd & Book Rd. (New Clow Creek area) are keeping with the proper density and developing responsibly for the area.