What started as a fight against irresponsible development on the polo Grounds property now leads us to another poor project for South Naperville:
The Big Build on 248


A large multi-use development project is seeking approval from the City of Naperville to be built within an established residential community.

  • The proposed parcel for this project is surrounded by residential homes, neighborhood parks, bike paths and walking trails.
  • The scope and scale of this project is a concern for many residents living in the area.
  • The Islamic Center of Naperville (ICN) is seeking approval from the City of Naperville to build a very large multi-use and multi-facility campus on 248th avenue between Lapp Lane and Landsdown Avenue (103rd Street and 95th Street).
  • The facility would include a school, mosque, gym and event center for banquets and weddings etc.

A total of 901 parking spaces are planned for this project eliminating almost all greenspace on the property.

Many residents are concerned about the impact on traffic, crowding and congestion that a multi-facility campus of this scale would cause. Further concerning, is that the three main roads surrounding this proposed project are not arterial thoroughfares and therefore will create major traffic congestion within the surrounding residential areas.

We have great concern that this project is too large in scale for this parcel of land.



The Islamic Center of Naperville (ICN) is requesting approval to build a multi-use, multi-facility campus in a residential-zone area; the open lot on 248th Ave between 95th St and 103rd St. They intend to build a massive multi-use campus including a mosque, K-5 school, multi-purpose hall, gymnasium, and subsequent expansion of the mosque.

  1. The proposed site in question has, and continues to, retain a residential zoning (R1)
  2. ICN is seeking a conditional use clause to construct the multi-use and multi-facility campus
  3. No approvals for development or construction have yet been issued by the city as of yet
  4. The multi-use facility will be the LARGEST of its kind in the Midwest
  5. 901 parking slots are intended to be built
  6. The intended height of the structure is 84 ft
  7. The site, located in a residential area, is also surrounded by strictly residential communities (Ashwood Park, Ashwood Creek, Ashwood Heights, Ashwood Pointe, Carrillon Club, Penncross Knolls, Tallgrass, Tamarack West, and Tamarack South, among others) in it’s immediate vicinity, as well as the recent park on Wolf’s Crossing and Trumpet Ln.

You can view ICN’s plans (overall-site, landscaping, engineering, etc.) submitted to the City by visiting this link:

One of the core issues: Side-Road 248th avenue cannot handle the traffic. 

review our own visual traffic study to see how MASSIVE DEVELOPMENT WILL CRIPPLE THIS AREA.

1. Traffic Simulation Video:

See how the ICN mega campus would add unsustainable traffic 7 days a week to 248th ave.

2. Tall Grass Greenway Trail Video:

See how the ICN-driven traffic would create unpassable conditions and certain injuries or deaths at this popular greenway trail crosswalk.