About Us
Neighbors in favor of a neighborhood mosque

We are neighbors of the single-family residential communities surrounding the site where the Islamic Center of Naperville (ICN) is proposing a new mosque and complex. We are a movement of neighbors from Wagner Farms, Tall Grass, Ashwood Pointe, Ashwood Crossings, Ashbury Park, Penncross Knolls and others. We are working with Plan For Us, a multi-community group from all across South Naperville, and beyond.

We are welcoming, friendly and diverse communities, and we are in favor of a neighborhood mosque. We feel that our lives and our neighborhoods are richer because of the diversity of our communities. We are grateful that people of all faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities choose our neighborhoods to raise their families and live their lives. With Plan For Us, we encourage responsible growth, including neighborhood houses of worship of all faiths.

Although 2,000 of those neighbors have already weighed in opposing this controversial project, what we object to is not the mosque, but the mosque PLUS a gym the size of an LA Fitness in the middle of a residential neighborhood. What we object to is a mosque PLUS a multi-use hall with an event room 33 percent larger than the largest event room at the Naper Road Marriott—in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Large-scale development is important for Naperville’s continued vitality, but those large projects should be located where the infrastructure, especially the traffic infrastructure, can accommodate it. Those large-scale projects should not be located where they are surrounded on all sides by single-family residential neighborhoods, and where the traffic infrastructure is inadequate for the size of the development.

We look forward to a neighborhood-scale mosque in our community.